I re-arranged TWICE’s Signal to (in my opinion) flow better! | My thoughts on TWICE’s Signal comeback

Love or hate it, TWICE’s new title track Signal is ready to take over ONCE’s lives for this round of promotions!

Firstly, my rearrangement:

Now, I do like Signal, I really do, I just wish it was arranged a bit more like what I’ve done above.

What I do like:

  • Other members get to show their vocal colour!
    • TWICE songs had a bit of formula going where we almost always featured heavy use of Nayeon and Jihyo, which as two of the strongest vocalists (alongside Jeongyeon) does make sense. But this time we see Tzuyu and Sana with their cute and bright vocal colour get to sing the chorus! We also get to see Jeongyeon get more than just a part in the second verse and replacing Nayeon in the chorus!
      Momo and Mina get these Rap/Sing sections and of course we get that Dahyun/Chaeyoung Rap hook (even though I do dislike how it’s used in the song)
  • The Music Video visuals!
    • The superpowers and the girls in the various outfits and sets look good! Bright and colourful, lots of fun – honestly reminded me of some of Wonder Girls MVs back in the day!
  • The Chorus is so cute and fun!
    • While I do admit the choreography and the song itself won’t have the same kind of pop culture impact or staying power of Cheer Up, TT and Knock Knock, I find the chorus extremely cute, Sana and Tzuyu were perfect choices for their parts! Also the choreography during Sana’s first line of the chorus is probably the best dance move in the whole thing.

What I don’t like:

  • The use of the weird rap break after the first chorus and the outro
    • It’s not the rap lines or how it’s rapped that I have issue with – it’s just how it’s used. It’s really jarring and it feels like it was cut and pasted into the song, I can forgive the intro, and MiMo’s opening rap/singing section but to go from such a fun and live chorus and just cut down to that beat ruined it for me, I would’ve preferred if they continued the feel and had Chae and Dahyun do an actual rap verse (similar to LOA, Cheer Up & Knock Knock). Similarly, the song ending on the MiMo rap section with the same boring beat loop just leave you feeling a little unsatisfied (as much as I love MiMo)
  • The story break in the Music Video (at about the 3:00) mark
    • Story breaks that interrupt the music in music videos.. There are ways to do them well and ways to do them poorly. The first K-Pop M/V I ever watched was Big Bang’s Haru Haru, for those who aren’t familiar with it (really?!), basically the story break in the music video added to the emotional impact of the final scenes of the music video, the last chorus and outro of the song. I just feel that story break where they were looking to gank the Alien in the treehouse and showed off their (well, really Momo’s) powers didn’t really add anything to my enjoyment of the song or video.


I won’t defend this song to death – it does have issues, and I feel a little salty that JYP can produce and write an absolute banger of a fun girl group song: IOI’s Very Very Very, but this is what he prepared for TWICE’s title track.

In the end the song itself will still sell well, get all those views, but as TWICE progress further in their careers I expect this song to be considered their more underwhelming release, and I’m looking forward to what they comeback with next!!

[Everyone go listen to the rest of the album though, ESPECIALLY ‘Only 너’]

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  1. Awesome work on the edit! If I may suggest: how about using the “HEY HEY HEY” bit that was prominently featured in the teasers as the outro after Nayeon’s line? Then the ending will be a cold one, just like the original is.


    p.s. pardon my manners

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