9 songs I can’t wait to see performed at TWICELAND Singapore

As a bit of background – awhile ago I yolo’d and bought tickets to TWICELAND Singapore before I even bought flights/accomodation
Full background in the reddit post I made as soon as I bought the ticket:

Just had a big YOLO moment and bought my ticket to Twiceland SG on the 29th of April from twice

This is going to be my first time seeing a K-pop girl group (I’ve seen boy groups before) live, and it’s one that I am basically obsessed with right now, I could not be more excited!

As I just landed in Singapore and the concert is literally 2 sleeps away, I thought I’d share my 9 most anticipated songs (Outside of the title tracks: Like Ohh Ahh, Cheer Up, TT & Knock Knock) for the show, in no particular:

I Think I’m Crazy \ Going Crazy (미쳤나봐)

Originally one of the final performance songs for SIXTEEN (The reality survival show that selected the members and formed TWICE) this song is a perfect reflection of TWICE’s image. Cute, energetic & playful, the catchy “michyeonna bwa na” over a synthy pop beats and sweet lyrics about going crazy over their crush, a fun rap break by Chaeyoung and Dahyun before the last chorus, the crowd will definitely be “goin cray, goin cray” when this is performed.

Like a Fool (소중한 사랑)

A slower song from their debut EP – we can truly see TWICE’s amazing vocals from all members shine! A great thing about this song is it also features rap lyrics written by Chaeyoung!

I particularly love how Nayoung sounds in this – in the title songs she generally gets super bubbly cutesy parts of the songs but we really do get to see her show off her singing chops here.

As a bonus for the Singapore stop of TWICELAND that I can’t wait to see is the fan project being organised where they will be handing out A4 paper to certain seats on the ground level to make the TWICE logo during the instrumental break after Mina sings “I’m in love with you” – and the rest of the crowd are to turn on their phone flashlights – very cool and hope it turns out as good as it sounds!!!

Precious Love

This song is heaps of fun, with sweet vocals over a bit of a trap like beat make for great energy especially when performed live. The choreography is cute and bouncey, having TWICE point and wave at the crowd is sure to make hearts flutter especially those lucky enough to get VIP and Cat1 tickets.

Tuk Tok \ Ready to Talk (툭하면)

No official live vids unfortunately, Lyric Vid below by soshilyrics

A bit of a cheeky song – addictive repetition in the lyrics and rhythm (especially those rap breaks right before the chorus), very much looking forward to seeing a proper live performance of this song!

1 to 10

Another super sweet song, slow tempo but with a nice synth pop production, with all the girls softer vocals, listening to it almost feels like watching an ASMR – this song when performed will definitely have everyone in a trance.


No official live vids unfortunately, Lyric Vid below by soshilyrics

I LOVE this song, high energy, and lots of fun – really reminds me of SNSD’s Way to Go/Himnae and listening to it I can’t help but feel rejuvenated with lots of positive energy, this would be an absolute blast live!

Jelly Jelly

Another super fun bop – high energy, fast paced and lotsa fun to be had when this is performed live.


I’m gonna be a Star

Now it does seem like the girls themselves don’t like this song that much (there’s a video of them basically laughing/cringing at it during a radio broadcast) BUT, the song itself is such high energy, and they perform it with so much life and passion that you can’t help but jump up and down.

My favourite part of this song is the amount of rap parts (written by rapper Olltii) so we get to see Chaeyoung, Dahyun & Momo spit some fire!

We also get a lot of Jongyeon (who unfortunately due to an injury isn’t in the video above), which is always a treat!

One in a Million

No official live vids unfortunately, Lyric Vid below by soshilyrics

An absolute slow and emotional jam – a lot of positivity in the lyrics, and the crowd will be felt special as TWICE sing that they’re one in a million, and I’m sure all the ONCEs present will feel the same about TWICE.

Melting (녹아요)

If this slow, sweet (like ice cream!) vocal driven song doesn’t make you melt for TWICE – there is definitely something wrong with you. It’ll definitely be quite a moment when this is sung live, I can already imagine ONCE feeling closer to TWICE during it’s performance.


Aside from the 9 mentioned, I’m also excited to see the girl’s cover boy group songs (Momo will slay dat chorey!!), the little sub-unit performances, and of course seeing the girls in person and their bright personalities shine throughout the venue!

Thanks for reading – if you’re going to TWICELAND this saturday! Enjoy! I’ll be one of the many screaming ONCEs in the crowd 🙂

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